How to Increase the Value of Your Home

How to Increase the Value of Your Home

Is your home going to be appraised?  Are you about to list your house for sale?  These tips will help you get the price you deserve.

Think clean, whether it’s interior or exterior!

Cleaning has the highest return on investment when it comes to increasing your home’s value.  A professional deep cleaning should cost you in the ballpark of $400 on average.  Don’t skimp here, whether you’re hiring a professional or taking the time to do it yourself.

Interior Tips

  1. Get an inspection (Buyers hire professionals to inspect homes prior to purchasing, so you should before-hand to correct all of the deficiencies).
  2. Paint – The easiest, most cost-effective method to improving your interior appeal is by painting entry ways and living spaces.
  3. Create space. An open and uncluttered area is much more appealing than the latter.
  4. Replace worn carpet and flooring.
  5. Improve the energy efficiency factor of your home. This includes energy efficient heating/cooling units.

Exterior Tips

  1. Consider your curb appeal. Your landscaping and front door effect the potential buyer’s first impression before they even walk in to your home.  This includes:
    • Mowing and watering the lawn
    • Siding/Paint (Make sure it’s clean and in good repair)
    • The front door
    • Shrubs (Keep trimmed and pruned)
  2. Improve landscaping, such as edging, weed eating, flower beds, mulch, rock/gravel and lawn ornaments.
  3. Clean your windows (Inside and out).

As you get started with home improvements, create a plan to help you with budgeting and a timeline of improvements.

Do you have experiences with home value improvement?  What other suggestions would you recommend to help increase the value of your home?

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