What is the cost of your services?

The cost of our services are based on many factors.

  1. Service requested (Full-service junk removal / dumpster rental alternative)
  2. Number of loads the job will take to complete
  3. Size of each load
  4. Materials (Soft materials or Hard materials)
  5. Location of junk (Basement/attic, curbside, backyard, etc.)
  6. Landfill rates (We have to pay to dump, just as you would)

Each individual job requires a specialized quote, but our factors are straight-forward and consistent.

 What do you do with the junk you collect?

Pro Junkeez makes several stops before the local landfill.

First, if anything is in reusable condition, it gets parked until we decide what to do with the item.  We donate to charities to help those who may need the item.

Second, we make a stop at the local recycling facility to drop off electronics, paint and metal.

Third, we collect all plastic, cardboard and glass to be dropped off at the nearest general recycling facility.

Last but not least, yard waste is bagged and collected as compost material.