Fall Cleaning Checklist

With the first day of fall, comes the realization that winter is looming!  Depending on where you’re located, winter means many things.  In the Midwest, we don’t ever really know what winter will look like.  Nevertheless, household preparation is key.

Winter typically brings cold weather, snow, sickness and holidays.  One way to prepare is by completing a fall cleaning checklist.  Summer projects tend to build up in the garage or shed, yard waste didn’t get burned as planned, leaves are piling up again and the basement needs sealed to prevent water leaks from the melting snowfall.

Since seasonal cleaning can sometimes seem overwhelming, we’ve created a checklist to help guide you through it.


  1. Declutter and organize your closets, basement, cupboards and attic
  2. Wash windows
  3. Clean walls, ceilings, light fixtures and baseboards
  4. Replace your furnace filter
  5. Test smoke detectors
  6. Clean the oven for holiday baking
  7. Wash blinds and curtains
  8. Check weather stripping and caulking for wear and tear


  1. Declutter and organize the garage, shed and storage unit
  2. Clean the gutters
  3. Rake the yard
  4. Put away patio furniture
  5. Clear garden for next year
  6. Check all outdoor lighting

As you complete these tasks, use this list to check them off to give you a sense of accomplishment and encouragement to complete the next job.

By using our checklist, you can ensure a great beginning to the new season!

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