5 Tips for Junk Disposal

Everybody has junk to get rid of at some point or another.  It can be anything from an appliance that quit working to a shed demolition or remodel scraps from giving your house a makeover.  All of this will need removed and disposed of one way or another, so we want to share a few tips to make this easier for you.

  1. Sort all of the stuff into four piles: Keeping, Selling, Donating and Trash.
  2. Sort all of the junk by materials. This will allow you to keep as much as possible from ending up in the landfill.  Materials that can be recycled include metals, tires, paint, electronics, yard waste and much more.
  3. Take everything in one trip to save time and money.
    • Take metal to your local scrap yard. A scrap yard will pay you for the metal based on how much you bring in.  The current shred rate is around $95/Ton.  Aluminum and copper metals can be recycled for a higher rate, so be sure to separate those from shred metal.
    • For sanitary reasons, keep items separated that will be donated. These items will need to be in reusable condition.
    • Find a local recycling center that accepts tires, paint, electronics, yard waste, etc. to properly dispose of these items. They are harmful to the environment if disposed of illegally.
    • Most leftover material can be dumped at a local landfill for a tipping fee. With the junk loaded, you weigh into the landfill.  Then, you go unload everything where it can be managed.  Afterwards, you weigh out and pay the landfill based on how much weight you dumped.  (Be careful to follow all restrictions based on what can legally be dumped.)
  4. Make sure your hauling vehicle isn’t overweight. There are tight restrictions when hauling on public roadways.
  5. Also, be sure to use a tarp to cover your load. Flying debris is dangerous to other motorists!

Without the right equipment and people, junk removal can be a daunting process.  If you feel you need help, give us a call at (309) 836-JUNK.

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